Patzcuaro's Day of the Dead

The local cemetaries a filled with flowers and offerings to the dead as they glow from the soft light of candles on the night of November 1 each year. Family members spend the night here with their deceased loved ones, and visitors from the world over come to enjoy the festivities the week leading up to and the days after this special event. Hotels are filled to capacity, often booked a year ahead.

Catrinas, cocucho pottery, and other fine local crafts can be found on the Plaza Grande on the days leading up to the event, often at bargain prices.

One of the best cemetaries to choose from for you visit is the cemetary on the south side of the main highway in Tzurumutaro, one of the original Patzcuaro village communities. The cemetary is a short walk from the Tzurumutaro town plaza, on the main road to Morelia.

Day of the Dead in Patzcuaro's Cemetaries

Day of the Dead in Patzcuaro's Cemetaries...

The island of Janitzio is also a good choice for the Day of the Dead celebration,, taking the boat to the island and enjoying the traditional festivities of the indigineous Puephecha Tarascans.

A third option for the night of november 1 is the famous cemetary in Tzintzuntzan, about 20 minutes by car, taxi, or combi bus from Patzcuaro.